The Man and The Minister


“Learning the difference between mistakes and hypocrisy”

One of my favorite bible stories is found in Exodus 28. In this chapter God was appointing Aaron spiritual leader over his people. He was being given the privilege to enter the holy place, to intercede for the sin of Gods people. He was given the authority to walk into the holy place clothed in garments representing glory and beauty. If you would ask any normal human being what man is best fit for this position, they would tell you it would have to be a man of honor, a man after the heart of God. A man with an untainted reputation, who reflected and honored God with every part of his life. I love everything that God was speaking about Aaron in these chapters because while God was speaking wonders of Aaron, Aaron was building an idol the Israelites could worship (chap. 32).

One of the funniest things to me is how people assume that when a person acquires a leadership position in the Kingdom, the human side of them is taken.

Have you ever heard an ignorant person watch someone make a mistake and the only card they have to play is the Christian card (lol). It goes something like “Did you hear what so and so did? I cant even believe it and (He/she) calls him self a Christian like that. It worries me that with those mistakes (he/she) preaches. What a hypocrite.”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a sentence as dumb or even dumber than the one I just made up, I would be well on my way out of Wilmington and buying my first house in Rancho Palos Verdes.

I don’t know about you but in the twenty-four years of my life I have made more mistakes than I can even count now. Honestly, I am one hundred percent sure I will make even more mistakes through out the course of my life. If you are honest with your self I’m sure you can admit to messing up more times than you can even recall as well. If not, well … it sounds like you lack self-evaluation.

For years the church has created a culture where the mistakes that ministers or leaders make and the mistake regular church member make are on two opposite scales of judgment. This culture has created an unrealistic bar of perfection that every minister must reach, before the critics start babbling their life away on what a hypocrite you are. The last time I read the Word, sin was sin. Lying, cheating, fornicating, gossip and everything else is judged as equal, regardless of whether you made the life choice to preach or not.

There is a major difference in a flawed human being and a hypocrite.

A person could argue that the church is filled with hypocrites because sometimes people fall short from what they believe in. But, in that case we can find hypocrites in the work place, school, friends, family and sometimes even in ourselves.

We live in a world with a mentality of heroes and villains, good people and bad people and for some reason in our own book we are always the good ones, always the heroes and forever someone else’s victim.

We lack responsibility and self-evaluation because if we were confronted with the truth, it would force us to see a side that isn’t so good. It would cause for you to stop blaming everyone else for your misfortune and you would have to come to grips with the fact that your life, relationships and everything else might have been messed up before anyone else showed up.

We love to be victims, because victims get sympathy and a whole lot of pity parties. You get friends and family all patting you in the back saying “Don’t worry, God will make justice, God will bring all things to light, God will give (him/her) exactly what (he/she) deserves”.

These kinds of sentences have always conflicted my heart because let’s say people did get what they deserved. Lets say today the person you don’t like gets exactly what you have been wishing for them and then God decided to also give YOU what YOU deserve. What if he made you pay for every bad decisions, for every person YOU have talked about, everyone YOU have hurt, intentionally or unintentionally. All of a sudden you’re not the hero, and especially not the victim.

In no shape or form am I saying that God does not see what we go through and has no interest in fighting our battles. However,  the more I seek God the more I am confronted with my own reality. As I try my best to be a better minister, a better leader, a better daughter, a better friend, a better girlfriend, the more I am confronted with my own reality. In order to make a better person out of me, I must get rid of the “good” and “bad” people mentality that leaves everyone stuck in a place where they fight against each other. I have come to understand the more I fight with people the less strength I have to fight for what actually matters like my future, my dreams and everything that I love.

The saddest thing about the kingdom is how easily it is for us to disqualify each other based on our shortcomings and our mistakes.

If it were left to the people, Aarons mistake would have disqualified him from the position he was chosen for. But God being the God He is, is not moved or shaken by your present situation. God is not afraid of the nastiest parts of our character; He is not intimidated by our sin or current mistakes. God believes in our destiny and our worth more than we could ever believe it ourselves.

There are some people around you that you need to stop calling hypocrites. Regardless of whatever mistakes have been made. God calls them chosen and is willing to redeem them from any situation. This blog is not to justifying anyone’s sin, this is a call to self-evaluation. We are all filled with sin; leaders or not, we are all in need of the blood that washes away all sin. Every single day we fight a battle between our fleshly desires and what we know is right.

How can we say we are lovers of the cross when the cross represents a whole world that was unworthy of grace. We were Unworthy of a second chance but the love that hung on that cross was much greater than anything against it.

Maybe you don’t like someone and do not agree with many of their life choices but you are not remotely qualified to say who is worthy and who is not. I’m sure if someone went asking around, you yourself could be found guilty of the same hypocrisy you blame others for. If we present people with the real God, we would have less people hiding and running away from their sin. There would be more people willing to expose their mistakes because they know the end result would be restoration.

Screw positions and titles, some church people are so worried about keeping a certain image that they rather cast people out than to fulfill what they have been called to do; restore. Hypocrisy in my book is knowing a God who wants to restore someone and all you’re worried about is maintaining a “good” reputation. Sin doesn’t scare God, sin has been defeated. So why is the church so afraid of it?

To every minister and to every churchgoer, there is a sinful nature attached to them. People are messy and as long as there is life there will continue to be sin. We are going to mess up, we are going to sin, that’s why its so important to surrender before Jesus every single day. If you take your sinful nature every day before the cross you’ll realize that your heart stops becoming a home to sin. You’ll mess up, but sin will no longer have a strong hold over your life. In Jesus we have overcome. He is made perfect in our weakness and when we fall he is faithful to pick us up and teach us how to be better. Let’s start eliminating the word hypocrite from our vocabulary because people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Before you so proudly go publicate the sin of your neighbor you might want to check your heart.They might be exposed today, but you might be exposed tomorrow.

People love to play big sin little sin, my mistake is not as great as your mistake and in the end all you have is a bunch of sinners measuring themselves with the wrong ruler. Compared to someone else maybe you look better but compared to Jesus what does your sin look like?

I think grace is so misunderstood.

Grace is the free and unmerited favor of God to anyone under condemnation. You and I are accused every single day by the devil. He reminds us how unworthy we are of our destiny. There are people in the church who claim “Holy Discernment” only as a shield to expose or gossip about the sin they see in another person. They hide behind the lines of “without holiness no one will see the Lord” and it is my duty to expose all that is not holy in the church. I do believe that God will reveal certain things to us about another person but my pastor always says: “Love without truth is brutal and truth without love is hypocritical” – Javier Buelna

If you’re exposing without the intention of restoring you are not God-like, you my friend, are more like the devil. He (the devil) knows our shortcomings and has no intention of helping us get better. I want to create a culture where mistakes are an opportunity for restoration. I want to restore and be restored in such a way that we will never go back to the things that are not pleasing to the God who calls us for something greater. If we focus more on building people, rather than trying to build ministers who know how to put a “perfection mask” everyday … the church would be different.


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